Wuhan DR Laser Technology corp Ltd (DR Laser) is a high-tech laser equipment manufacturer founded by PH.D back from oversea, located at high-tech centre of Wuhan, also known as the Chinese Optical Valley. We are mainly dedicate to develop, manufacture, sale and serve the laser equipments focused on solar cell applications, ever since 2008 we have provided our services and cooperation successfully to SUNTECH POWER, YINGLI SOLAR, JA SOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR and other customers worldwide, with advanced laser equipments, service and solutions for both Crystalline Silicon application and Amorphous Silicon application.

     Rely on our experienced and professional laser technology, we also provide the customer with various of laser related equipment such as the ITO Laser Machine, Laser Cutting and Drilling for OGS Screen Glass and Ceramic Plate Cutting, etc.

     The meticulous process and advanced laser technology enabled us to continuously provide more professional and efficient equipments alone with rapid and considerate services, to consistently contribute the Laser industry and global clean Technology.